Azerbaijan Energy Construction

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  • Construction of thermal and hydro power plants
  • Construction of different voltage transmission and substation facilities


  • Special repair & erection works in power plants and facilities
  • Maintenance and repair of different voltage transmission and distribution grids

Diagnostics & Testing

  • Diagnostics & services in infrastructure industries including but not limited to power generation, water and gas supply etc
  • Testing and adjustment works in infrastructure projects

Power plants

  • Involved in construction of over 10 power plants with total capacity exceeding 2000 MW
  • Diagnostics and testing of power plants

Power OHLs

  • Construction & rehabilitation of transmission and distribution power lines
  • Smart grid project

Power substations

  • Construction & rehabilitation of power substations
  • Cooperation with the world’s leading supply companies for substation equipments

Other infrostructure projects

  • Involved in infrastructure projects funded by the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Engaged in regional industrial and infrastructure projects

Industry experience

  • Diversification of sectors & services
  • Comprehensive service offering and project know-how


  • Skilled staff (engineers & workers)
  • Standardized processes and procedures
  • Project rethinking and execution skills

Business reputation

  • Reputation as a reliable high-quality provider
  • Diversified business model
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Solid cash flow