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Every Azenco JSC project starts with a team of dedicated employees. We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their skills and apply them together to create the power plants, substations or transmission lines.

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Azenco is interested in experienced candidates with backgrounds related to construction management or engineering. We are also looking for individuals in fields like finance, accounting, human resources and business development.

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Azenco is a progressive developing country, and young talents are welcome to start a journey of career development path with onsite and offsite job trainings and continuous mentoring. As you browse the opportunities available at Azenco you may be surprised by the range of possibilities open to you. We know it takes a diverse team to build the future and we are looking for all types of talent to contribute.

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At Azenco JSC, we know that it is our employees that make us successful because we succeed when they do. Because of this, we try hard to make Azenco a place where everybody has a chance to learn, grow and add value to the team.

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We are always looking for individuals with technical or commercial skills that will help strengthen and grow our business further.

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We have a range of open positions for technical and commercial staff at both senior and graduate level. Apply now to transform your career.