Azerbaijan Energy Construction

Azenco is the largest energy construction, design and engineering company in the Caucasus. The company was a subsidiary (as Azerenerjitikinti LLC) of the state-owned electric utility company till 2008 when the Government of Azerbaijan changed Company’s legal status. Azenco has been contracted for the most of turnkey power industry projects in Azerbaijan. The construction, erection, repair and adjustment activities are the primary business services of the company.

Research and Development: Azenco executes high level geological research works and have the laboratory equipped with modern facilities for research implementation. The company has over 1500 special machinery and equipment as well as vehicles and more than 5000 workers.

Operational Activities: Azenco has following areas of business activities:

  • Construction, repair, testing, adjustment and erection works in power plants and facilities
  • Construction and repair of different voltage transmission and substation facilities
  • Construction and repair of buildings and support facilities
  • Diagnostics and repair of buildings and support facilities
  • Diagnostics services for metals, diagnostics of defects without damaging of integrity in compliance with international standards


Industrial structure of company is supplied by only leading industry-production companies. The list of costumers includes “AZERIQAZ” that belongs to SOCAR, 43 regional contractor of Producers Union. “Sumgait Technologies Park” is the main supplier partner of the company.

Azenco JSC also participate as local contractor of SIEMENS company in the framework of construction of “Sumgayit CCPP”, local contractor of “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries” , “ABB” and “Alstom” in “Shimal - 2” power plant construction and "General Electric" in “Janub Power Plant” construction project. Azenco JSC has constructed several modular power plants in Azerbaijan. Equipments for plants have been supplied by Wartsila Company of Finland that is one of the world leaders.

Organizational Chart


1939 - 2000

Established experience & expertise in power sector

Established as the Central Production Maintenance Enterprise for design & engineering and construction of thermal power stations in Azerbaijan

2000 - 2012

Corporatization & industrial divesification

  • The company has been privatized and re-branded as "AZENCO" JSC
  • Engaged in all power sector projects during the last 10 years
  • Diversified its business scope by taking part in National Flag and Baku Crystal Hall projects

2014 - 2020

Strong future growth potential

  • Leading positions in home markets
  • Active role in publicly-financed projects
  • Strong and divesified project portfolio
  • Expanding to regional markets and projects
  • Sustaining key financial targets
  • Continued cooperation with world's leading supply companies